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Amazon Channel Management

Hinge Consulting helps manufacturers and brands to increase revenue and distribution across and its other platforms around the world. Led by former Amazon employees, Hinge can establish and manage your Amazon relationship and navigate their clients through the often times confusing Amazon jargon (ASIN, ARA, AMS, AMG, Vine, A+ Pages) to create impactful results and revenue. For each client we craft a custom strategy that seamlessly connects manufacturing, operations, forecasting, marketing, sales and overall channel management to unlock the enormous potential of the world’s largest retail channel. Whether you have an existing relationship with Amazon, or are new to the channel, we get results.

Sales Channel Acceleration

Hinge stands by the philosophy: If you’re not growing, you’re dying. We are experts in creating sales methodologies for companies that are repeatable, scalable and profitable. These characteristics are paramount for effective and efficient sales growth. Our sales program includes direct sales, channel management, and business development. We have experience and expertise in enterprise software, B2B services, financial services, consumer goods, technology and hardware
representing billions in deals.

Startup Services

A startups success relies on creating and maintaining a consistent level of exceptional performance from idea to implementation. The core pillar in that success beyond product is revenue. Hinge knows what it takes to compete in the dense market of startups to rise to the top. Whether raising capital or building and executing a winning sales program, Hinge can help. Additionally, we have a practice that helps investors validate product and technology claims, provide insight into market landscape and product fit, as well as competitive analysis and pricing strategy.